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It’s amazing that it’s taken this long, but gay Twitter has finally delivered. After years of having to draw penises on the original version, there’s a gay-friendly version of the distracted boyfriend meme, good for when the gay lifestyle distracts you from getting a Toyota, a semi-detached in Barking and awful in-laws.

The original meme had made headlines last week after being deemed sexist by a Swedish ad watchdog, which banned companies form using it since it objectified the women in it and portrayed a stereotypical caricature of men.

On the other hand, the gays are cool with being objectified because they like to objectify. You win some, you lose some. And when it comes to stereotypes, it’s hard to argue you’re not one to be promiscuous walking back from your sixth Grindr hookup this week. You do you, gays.

So, we present to you… THE MEME:

There was excitement fluttering about, and it inevitably spread like wildfire amongst those who spend the best part of their weeks tweeting out VPL’s (Urban Dictionary it).

It married briefly with the moth meme, which is a thing because reasons:

It also met the ironically viral gaga tweet:

This is definitely one of our new go-to’s. Probably with the caption ‘The hook up who’s on his way over vs the guy who just messaged you’. 


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