QX Preview: Magical Pride

Check us out, covering Disney events! Who do we think we are?!

Check us out, recommending DISNEY events! We’re wholesome now. It’s our new thing. We’re all about cute jumpers, blowing gently on bowls of tomato soup, and watching Ursula’s bits in The Little Mermaid on repeat.

There’s something about Disney that’s always resonated with a certain breed of gay. Could be the bright colours, could be the handsome princes, or could just be the unbridled IMAGINATION of it all. One of the best (and most accurate) clichés of the LGBT community is that we’re very creative and imaginative.

Disney’s come on leaps and bounds since the early days, characters and storylines getting more diverse and magical with each new release. This month’s Christmas extravaganza The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, features their first ever gay character, played by Jack Whitehall! That announcement caused quite the stir on social media didn’t it – you all debated it for three days then completely forgot about it, as usual. You cheeky cheekies!

Next year, Disney are continuing their zinging blast into the 21st century, with a fabulous MAGICAL PRIDE event at Disneyland Paris! It’s in May, which is great. Perfect weather in May. Not to cold, not too hot…you know the rest.


The event spans three days and two nights, with packages including accommodation, city and room taxes and a 3 Day Disney Park Hopper Ticket, which will give you access to both parks and the pride party. The main event itself will include Disney character meet and greets, karaoke theatre experiences and DJs. We can already tell this is going to be hilarious and amazing. Dancing to When Love Takes Over by Kelly Rowland with a giant Minnie Mouse?! How fab.

Book now at temptationholidays.com/lgbt