XXL Festive Schedule

The bear boys down at XXL have plenty planned this season

Bears love a Christmas club night! Almost as much as they love a Christmas dinner. There’ll be lots of pigs in blankets at XXL this week, as everyone has that last beary boogie before Christmas.

If you haven’t been to XXL before, let us paint a picture! It’s at Pulse Nightclub down by Southwark – it’s one of the biggest (perhaps THE biggest) weekly gay club nights in the UK. Pulse is a great venue, one of Central London’s last remaining huge clubs.

It fills with beary guys but also other guys of all shapes in sizes. There’s glitter cannons, smoke machines, strobe lights, all sorts! The effect is startlingly euphoric – we love to be startled! In fact, we’re often startled. We should maybe be more aware of our surroundings, then maybe we wouldn’t be startled quite so much. But that’s one of the great things about London – keeps us on our toes!

They’re kicking off their festive season with XXL Christmas on Saturday 22nd December. We’re guessing there’ll be a few Santa Clauses around, so if that’s always been your Freudian fantasy, feel free to indulge (some people would say fancying Santa Claus is weird, we’d say – don’t overthink it! If that’s your thing, that’s your thing!) There’s gonna be DJ action too, from one of our faves Fat Tony.

Then the Saturday after, the 29th, it’s XXL Retrospective. That means they’ll be revisiting some of their biggest and best moments from the last 12 months – all their fave tunes, fave men, fave vibes! That’s with DJ Hutch.

AND FINALLY *draws breath* on Monday 31st December it’s their NYE party, which has a reputation of being one of the most extravagant of the year. The theme this time round is “Bearhemian Rhapsody” so slide into your tighest jeans and whitest t-shirts to channel Freddie! Plus international superstar DJ Moto Blanco.

For more info and tickets, head to xxl-london.com