From bald to buzz cut – the cost-effective trend that has people talking

Hair is our pride and joy. We spend countless hours fretting about it and messing it around. Unfortunately, for many of us, it doesn’t stick around forever. One day you could be swishing your locks around on the dance floor, and the next you wake up and you’ve lost full inches from your hairline. And before you start thinking you’ve got years until you have to start worrying about losing your hair, it can start happening to any man, at any age. TERRIFYING.

We’ve all heard about body tattoos (and most of us probably have one or two already) but what about a hair tattoo? It’s not as crazy as it sounds, and it’s a technique that has helped thousands of men to regain their confidence after going bald.

Regain your hair and your confidence

Your hair isn’t the only thing that goes when it starts to disappear. Confidence can vanish just as quickly and it becomes hard to adjust to your new appearance. We can’t all rock the Professor X look. It can be even worse if you’re young, as you expect your hair to remain with you throughout your 20s and 30s at least.


The good news is that a hair tattoo – also known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP) – gives you the perfect solution. Skalp are one of the leading providers of this non-surgical treatment in the UK. They have a great reputation, not only for the high quality of their work but for their friendly and helpful customer service.

But what is a head tattoo?

Scalp micropigmentation does not require any surgery. Unlike a hair transplant, no incisions are made into the skin, which also means there is no scarring at all. Skalp’s qualified practitioners apply a micro tattoo to the surface of the scalp. It is permanent, and it can match any hair shape or hair colour you want.

So what kind of hairstyle can SMP give you? Using their special technique, Skalp can create a cool buzz cut that can match your own hairline. And if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, they will even show you an accurate digital mock-up before you buy the service.

The practitioners at Skalp have all used the treatment themselves. This means they have been in your shoes before and can answer all your questions. They are trained to Diploma standard for micropigmentation treatment and permanent cosmetics. There is never any doubt you are always in the safest of hands.

How does it work?

This is the most cost effective and long lasting hair loss treatment available anywhere today. Whether you have receding hair, are partially bald, or lost all of your hair, Skalp have a hair tattoo solution to help.

They only use natural pigments to create a realistic hairline that will blend in with any existing hair and skin tone, while also matching your age group. It usually takes between 2-3 sessions to be completed, and luckily there is absolutely no pain involved.

All you have to do after the treatment is shave your scalp every 1-3 days to shorten any growing hairs. Then you can just focus on looking and feeling amazing with your new shaved head.

You can get in touch with the Skalp team today by calling them on 0845 094 1516. You can also email [email protected] to arrange a free consultation.