My Orange Valentine

A candle-lit dinner for two really ain’t our style. Here are the balls-to-the-wall parties you should be doing instead.

It’s almost that time of year again where nearly everywhere you turn you have big red hearts assaulting your vision, and cuddly teddies clouding your nightmares. If you’re single, it’s a tough time where almost every shop-front you pass is telling you to couple up. If you have a guy, you’re told to have a boring dinner for two, eating bland pasta and having boring missionary sex before falling asleep in front of a bad Katherine Heigl movie. Give all that the middle figure by painting those dreary red roses BRIGHT ORANGE. Here with a banger of a weekend packed with fab high-octane events are those party creatures over at Orange Nation.

A:M – The Temple of Love

Friday, 15th February

The day after V Day, most couples will be heading to a lavish dinner. We know that’s really not your style. Be you single or coupled up, a mad night at the club is what you should celebrate the love in your life with. We LOVE good House music, and we LOVE good Techno, so where else would we be celebrating that crazy little thing called L-O-V-E. Giving you House will be Arnaldo Novais, the super-cute Fabio Luigi and Nik Denton. Serving up Techno on a silver platter will be Emma J White, Louis Chatten and Massimo Paramour (who really puts the ‘más’ in Massimo).

Protocol (Fire Complex), 6 South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP. 11 pm -10 am. £5 before 3am with ad/flyer/guestlist, £15 OTD.



Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, 16th / 17th February

This WE Afterparty is where all those muscled cherubs will be flying off to when WE Party Frozen ultimately winds down. Don’t be a stupid cupid this Valentine Saturday Night and get loved up under the bricked arches of Fire. Their main room is being taken over by some killer talent, form Fabio Luigi, Brazil import Ale Amaral and Neil Singleton who are here to provide your musical stamina for the night. They’re also opening up the lounge where Yvette Lindquist and Swede DJ Bride.

Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT. 4 am – Super Late. Free entry with NUS Card, industry £5 all night, £13 conc/flyer before 7am, £16 OTD.


Saturday, 16th February

Let it go at this ice cold installation of WE Party. Following an immense New Year’s celebration where they really ripped ’19 a new one, they’re back with the years first proper bash. They’re back at Electric Brixton for a night of topless torsos, two-stepping and getting friggin’ frosted. They’re walking in a winter wonderland all night long, in a blizzard of booze and biceps. Taking to the decks will be WE Party Superstar SR Edu, the talented Lee Harris and audience favourite Arnaldo Novais. These WE Parties are always wild, so get your gym pump on and go show off your ice-hard abs at Frozen. 

Electric Brixton, Town Hall Parade Brixton, SW2 1RJ. 11 pm – 6am. Early Bird and Advanced Tickets available at

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