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The QX music column is BACK. We haven’t done one for about two years, because we’ve always been too hungover.

But this week we’ve had a renaissance, for one webpage only. There actually is loads of good music that’s just come out though. Pop seems to be swinging back towards more interesting stuff, after an absolute SOULLESS WASTELAND for the last couple of years (notable exceptions: Kim Petras, Dua Lipa, Lizzo).

Anyway there are a few bangers floating around at the moment to whack on your Spotify playlists – here’s a few of our faves.

Nadine Coyle – Fool For Love

Passport icon, Girls Aloud’s most Irish member, QX cover star…Nadine Coyle has many strings to her glittering bow. And here’s another one – she can SING! That’s quite rare for popstars, especially ones who were famous in the autotunetastic days of noughties pop. But Nadine BELTS ‘em out, and her gorgeous, jazzy voice is really given space to shine on this fun, brand new clubby tune. It’s high-octane, you can dance to it, and it’s got catchy lyrics – that’s more than can be said for most of the stuff out there right now. We love Nadine!


GFOTY, Chema Diaz – Cool

The first thing we should probably say about this song, is that it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s got 19 key changes in quick succession – so if you don’t like feeling like you’re on pills going over a cliff trapped in a silver Audi TT with the smoke monster from Lost and the cookie monster from Sesame Street, then this probably isn’t for you. It is NUTS, and we love it! PC music princess GFOTY and East London fashion papi Chema Diaz denounce their totally lame ex-boyfriends over a frenetic beat that puts the AOL dialup tone to shame (and the AOL dialup tone is a fucking banger so we wouldn’t say that lightly). Extra!


Charli XCX, Lizzo – Blame It On Your Love

We’re all about collabs at the moment. Oh and btw, “feat.” totally isn’t a thing anymore. You just put a comma. So there. Charli XCX has done taken her dreamy, slightly ominous 2016 mixtape track “Blame It On Your Love” and given it a fab dancehall rehash, injecting frenetic drums and horns and transforming it from thoughtful, glimmering album track to MAD DANCE-WORTHY SOLID GOLD HIT! She’s also got pop’s current hottest property Lizzo involved, who does a brilliant cheeky verse, so imbued with happy energy that you can’t help but smile. Well done ladies. God, Charli’s so on the pulse isn’t she. Madonna must be fuming.


BLACKPINK – Kill This Love

If you haven’t got onto BLACKPINK yet, do so immediately. There was an interesting article we read somewhere (can’t remember where) about how world music is becoming more popular because of spotify and streaming, and Western popstars like Katy and Taylor are a dying breed. Well if this is the result then we are On. Board. BLACKPINK are a k-pop band – they’ve been superstars in Asia for a while, but they’re cracking the western market with Little Mix-esque bangers like Kill This Love. It smashed records when it came out this month, becoming YouTube’s most viewed music video debut ever. Give it a spin, honestly it’s so camp. RAMPAPAPAPA!


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