Spanish gay night Lady Olé presents 80s Disco Drama!

Spanish gay night
Spanish gay night Lady Ole

Glittering campery from the Spanish gay night partystarters.

Disco drama is the best kind of drama! You can guarantee there’ll always be a neon cocktail to hurl, a shoulder pad to tear off or a discoball to kick. Not that you should do ANY of those things at Lady Olé, we hasten to add.

Previously one of those parties that only popped up every once in a while, Spanish gay night Lady Olé have recently gone monthly, after enjoying lots of success at their packed out events this year.

October’s instalment is breezing into Nightclub Kolis in Archway with a bright, camp 80s party to lift you out of the creeping gloomy months and spray you back into colourful summer. 

They’ve enlisted the help of Spanish disco diva Soraya Arnelas, making her London debut! She started her singing career over a decade ago, represented Spain in Eurovision in 2009 with ‘La Noche Es Para Mi” (The Night Is For Me) and has eight albums under her considerably studded belt – camp!

It’s at venue Nightclub Kolis up in leafy Archway in North London – Nightclub Kolis is known for its world music nights, so the team will be in their element, doling out Spanish fusion fabulousness all night long. 

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Spanish gay night Lady Ole is on Saturday 12th October at Nightclub Kolis, 1 Archway Road, N19 3TD. 10pm – 4am. £15 tickets available from


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