Legendary gay-friendly city Key West launches special commemorative LGBTQ+ video

Key West, Florida, the jewel of the Florida Keys archipelago, is a gay mecca. Its LGBTQ+ roots stretch back almost a century, with an unprecedented amount of queer history for the US. 

World renowned gay playwright Tennessee Williams fell in love with the coastal paradise when he visited in 1941, and promptly made it his home, attracting a population of queer thespians, artists and tourists for years to come. 

Then in 1983, the city made history by electing America’s first ever openly gay mayor, followed by installing permanent rainbow crossroads in 2015. 

When local designer J.T. Thompson released a free bumper sticker with the slogan “One Human Family”, it did the bumper sticker equivalent of going viral – it was embraced by locals and tourists alike, and became synonymous with the city’s ethos of compassion, acceptance and respect for people of all kinds. 


Now, to mark twenty years since its inception, Key West has launched a special video message to commemorate the iconic sticker and cement Key West’s standing as a queer capital of the world; 

As ‘One Human Family’ turns 20, its important message continues to resonate around the world. Themed bumper stickers are available free across the globe, with more than three million having been distributed to people in 95 countries.

For more information on LGBTQ+ stays in the Florida Keys & Key West, visit https://fla-keys.com/key-west/lgbtq.





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