Do you REALLY wanna forget an ex? Spend Valentine’s at gay sauna Chariots

Valentine’s Chariots

The ULTIMATE middle finger in the air to a toxic ex is not crying in your living room to “All By Myself” – it’s spending Valentine’s Day at gay sauna Chariots!

They’re doing a special reduced entry offer, where on the 14th, entry is £14. That’s SEVEN QUID OFF. You could use that seven quid to buy, like, two cheap Soho pints. Or one kumquat from Harrods.

We spoke to Chariots’ Neil Jackson to find out more.

Despite the apps, saunas like Chariots are still popular – why do you think that is?

At their height hook-up apps were a major threat, but we’ve seen over time people graduating back to us. Apps are great in conception, but the whole experience of meeting becomes clinical and repetitive, not to mention fake or outdated pics and descriptions. We’ve also heard stories of robbery and assaults through meeting via an app. Meeting in a sauna still carries the human element of flirting with like minded people in a safer environment.


Why is it important for venues like Chariots to exist?

There a currently a lot of issues that threaten saunas in London. Gentrification and redevelopment, drug usage, and high running costs to name a few.We’ve seen bars, clubs and saunas close over the last few years and it’s more important than ever the community sticks together in an era where homophobic related crimes have seen a gradual rise. Saunas are still a great safe way for the young, old, experienced and inexperienced to meet, socialise and engage.

Tell us about the Valentine’s Day offer!

Most people who start Valentine’s Day alone end it alone. It’s not the best day for us singletons! We thought we’d give people a chance to change that.So for one day only on the 14th we are offering a reduced entry for £14 for 14 hours between 12 noon and 2am. You never know who’s around the corner, and we hope everyone ends up finishing Valentines with a proverbial Bang!

Chariots is at 63 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP. Open 24 hours on Valentine’s Day at £14 entry.