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Gay Polish couple, Jakub and David, have unfolded a big rainbow flag in front of pope Francis, during Angelus prayer in The Vatican. On the flag they wrote one word addressed to the Pope: HELP!

They returned with the flag to St Peters Square several times during last week.

Jakub and David went to The Vatican from Poland to draw the Pope’s attention to what is happening in their country. Interviewed by polish media, the couple said:

¨Polish bishops have called us paedophiles, they say that we are a disease and even Covid_19 is a punishment on the world for LGBT sins. Our local authorities inspired by the Catholic church have created in Poland ´LGBT FREE ZONES´. We believe that all of these actions don’t go along with Pope Francis´s teaching and we did it to encourage him to take action”

QX fully supports LGBTQ people in Poland: 

If you are Catholic you can also petition those in your community with influence, the way Jakub and David have so bravely done. 

The media have also recently reported on a call to boycott certain Polish beers, those owned by Kompania Piwowarska. Kompania Piwowarska owns Tyskie, Lech and Żubr lager beers (which are widely available in UK supermarkets) and an article in Vice explains in detail the circumstances around the call to boycott. Read the facts and decide for yourselves. 

There are other ways in which we can help LGBTQ+ people in Poland right now, we do not need to feel helpless: Visit


“This is how dictatorships start” – Queer in Poland

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