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QX and its publisher have supported the work of Peter Tatchell, the Peter Tatchell Foundation,  as well as other human rights organisation, for over 40 years. QX welcomes contributions from all organisations that are seeking to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people across the globe. 

The aim of #PTFweekly is to bring you a flavour of the LGBT+ & human rights stories of the week as well as inform you of the work of the Peter Tatchell Foundation. We can’t guarantee the accuracy of external links.

  • Two decades after the abolition Section 28 in the UK, American legislators are introducing a similar law in Florida. The ‘don’t say gay’ law will block teachers from supporting LGBT+ pupils. Read more.
  • 1,540 days after the UK government promised to ban LGBT+ conversion therapy, it is still legal & ministers are still dithering. This fascinating read reminds us why we must abolish this unethical & harmful quack practice. Read more.
  • In 1973, Peter staged the first gay rights protest in a communist country. He was arrested & interrogated by the secret police, the Stasi, in East Berlin. It sparked heroic underground LGBT+ movements in communist countries. Read more.
  • Staff at UK equalities watchdog are quitting over transphobia. Morale is described as low, as bosses meet with anti-trans groups. The ECHR should support equality for all and not pander to prejudice. Read more.
  • Students had to promise to be ‘straight’ to enrol at school. The contract is now withdrawn but it gave teachers the power to expel gay students. This u-turn proves the power of protest! Read more.
  • Energy firms reap bonanza, as millions plunged into fuel poverty. £40bn profits for BP & Shell should result in windfall tax on energy companies. If France can cap energy price rises to 4%, why can’t the UK? Read more.
  • China cynically uses a Uyghur torchbearer to light Olympic flame. No one is fooled by this PR stunt. Everyone knows about China‘s persecution & genocide of the Uyghurs. Read more.

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Disclaimer: The opinions in this column are those of the Peter Tatchell Foundation and not necessarily those of QX.

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