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I’m back for more wellness tips for the September issue of QX. For new people, I’m Mark, wellness warrior and founder of Workout with Pride, one of London’s go-to LGBTQ+ wellness groups. We offer a variety of events, workshops, and fitness classes across London. We do everything from Spinning to Strength classes, personal training sessions, and seminars. Whatever your fitness needs, we’ve got you covered!

Are you interested in learning more about us? You can find us on Instagram by searching for @workoutwithpride. Alternatively, you can book a class with us. Remember to use the code QXfriend to receive a free class.

Did you know Pride events occur in the UK from February until September 30th? That’s quite a lot of events, which is appropriate considering the occasion’s significance. Pride is a protest and a celebration of our progress in securing our rights. However, getting caught up in the party of it all is easy. It’s also crucial to prioritise self-care during Pride Month. Without delay, here are some of my wellness tips for a proud and healthy celebration recovery.

How to incorporate pride into your wellness plans.

It’s the perfect time to duck out and add some pride to the pool! That’s right, there are many great ways to add pride to your wellness plans. I plan to spend as much time in the pool as possible over the next few months. Regardless of my body insecurities or the weather, I am happiest when I wear a pair of Speedos. Why?

Because it means it’s time for a swim. Swimming is like meditation, a chance to disconnect and reset my mind and body. It is also the closest feeling to flying. And now, with the weather changing, there has never been a better opening to get wet and learn to swim. Swimming is a valuable life skill that can be taught at any age. It’s always possible to start. I’ve personally taught children from 3 to adults in their late 70s.

And what about those benefits? I hear you ask.

Swimming is a fab exercise as it works all the muscles in your body and helps increase your endurance. It’s low impact, meaning fewer risks and pressure on the joints. Additionally, the water compresses your body, so your heart rate won’t increase as much as it would during ground-based training.

It’s a win-win.

If you want to improve your swimming abilities, we recommend checking out our friends at DMT Swimming.

DMT Swimming was designed to offer bespoke swimming lessons on either One2One, Two2One or small group basis… It doesn’t matter what your ability is! They teach all ages and all levels.

To find out more, check out:

Is negative self-talk killing your gains?

The way we talk to ourselves can significantly affect our physical well-being. In my twenties, I was the queen of negative self-talk. Though I appeared positive outside, the bully within me was oh so real. Even at the gym, I focused on hurting myself rather than loving myself, pushing my body too hard, criticising my weight and speed, and using words I wouldn’t dare say to another person. Unfortunately, my daily gym routine only reinforced my self-hatred because I didn’t see any changes in my body despite my efforts. When I turned 30, I switched up my self-talk and started working on myself. The results were terrific, both mentally and physically; even my time in the gym changed, the inner bully had disappeared, and I started to enjoy the workout, and finally, I could build muscle. If only I knew the actual work needed to start within before I could change the outside. Never underestimate the power of a positive mind.

Looking ahead to today, when I take on new clients for personal training, I make it a point to enquire about their self-talk. If it resembles my old ways, then that’s where we begin our work. The remaining aspects will subsequently fall into place.

Now that you’re here, Workout with Pride hosts a “Build Yourself Up” workshop. The focus is to establish a positive mindset, coupled with tips and techniques, to achieve quick wins for the body. 

Booking is available using the link:

Lastly, let’s talk about movement. 

Picture it. September hits, and you return to work after a summer of Rosé wine and gelato that you scoff down on the beach. The holiday blues are real; you can’t seem to get your head back in gear for work, so you automatically take your frustration out on the first thing you see: your body!

Your training has taken a back seat, and the lbs have piled on. What is the first thing you do? Diet! Well, I’m here to tell you, “DON’T DO IT,” Hun, it’s not a diet issue. It’s a lack of movement. Don’t restrict yourself and feel stressed about it. Instead, aim to move more. Add a 30-minute walk daily; believe me, you’ll see a difference. I meet many people who always assume that weight gain is due to overeating when, in reality, they’re not moving enough. Working from home has made many people more sedentary.

So, before you drop the jaffa cakes, put them in your backpack and get outside.

Want to start getting out more? Check out GAY OUTDOOR CLUB, an LGBT+ walking group that operates all over the UK.

Would you like some fitness and wellbeing advice? Send us a question via Instagram, and we will answer it in next month’s article.





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