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“We tried, but it is a losing battle.” Jeremy Joseph announces the closure of G-A-Y Late on X, formerly Twitter.

Jeremy Joseph expresses his sadness as he announces the closure of G-A-Y Late on December 10th 2023. This decision may surprise and sadden many loyal customers, as he explains in the statement, “the last few years have been extremely difficult” for the venue. His statement says that “external pressures” have made it increasingly challenging to continue operating.

Joseph reflected on his decision whether to continue with G-A-Y during the COVID-19 pandemic, having established the G-A-Y Foundation to enable him to find purpose and rediscover happiness in running the venues. The battle to save G-A-Y Late has come “at a great cost to my own mental health”, he writes.

Highlighting the challenges faced by G-A-Y Late, including being surrounded by construction sites first from Cross Rail and now by the ongoing construction work from the offices above expected to last another year.

“There are not enough police protecting Westminster” – Jeremy Joseph, G-A-Y.

He also writes about the increasing security problems in the area, with Goslett Yard being frequently used for parking, causing congestion at the venue’s entrance, fire exit, and queues. G-A-Y Late’s location as a late-night destination “comes with its own street safety issues”. Despite attempts to get more police support, such as regular checks in place on the venue, more police support has not been forthcoming. “There are not enough police protecting Westminster”, he writes, highlighting how understaffed the police are in London. The venues isolation at night means difficulty guaranteeing the safety of customers and staff with “customers attacked to and from the venue”.


Jeremy Joseph has done everything he can to keep G-A-Y Late going, but he says “It is simply not possible to run G-A-Y Late in its current location”. However, he assures everyone that no staff will be out of a job by the closure and that they will be deployed at G-A-Y Bar & Heaven.

Future plans include recreating an updated version of G-A-Y Late in Heaven’s DP & Stage Bar and having more nights at Heaven, starting with a new LGBT RnB night on Wednesdays. There has already been an increase in the capacity of Heaven to compensate, with planned wheelchair access, as well as a later closing time at G-A-Y in Old Compton Street to 1 am, an hour later than previously. He goes on to thank Westminster City Council for their assistance.

Joseph concluded his statement by expressing his gratitude to the customers who have supported G-A-Y Late and the staff who have contributed to its success.

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