Live At The Queer Comedy Club premieres on Froot.TV 1 December.

Queer comedy Club on Foot.TV is hurtling towards the festive season, but before all of the festivities, they’re bringing a slate of new content to keep you entertained through to the end of 2023.

They’re showcasing one of QX’s favourite venues (we know we’re not supposed to have favourites!). The days are getting colder, while the laughs are getting louder at the UK’s first queer comedy club, the aptly named The Queer Comedy Club. 

From newer queer comedians to more established acts, you can enjoy the UK’s best LGBTQ+ stand-up comedians performing live from the comfort of your own sofa, with the hilarious season premiere of “Live At The Queer Comedy Club” on 1 December on Froot.TV.

Watch Live At The Queer Comedy Club:


Visit the Queer Comedy Club in London. See what’s on here:

Queer Comedy Club




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