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QX has its own gay chat line website called You can now join this gay chat line service using PayPal from only 8p per minute.

QX has been running gay chat lines for over 20 years. You know the ones, the adverts with buff guys in the back of gay magazines, advertising a phone number to call so that you can chat and get up to all kinds of shenanigans with other like minded guys.

Live 1-2-1 Gay Phone Chat

Chat lines let you talk to other gay men

The demand for cheaper gay chat lines

QX decided to make it cheaper and easier to access a chat line with out having to pay the networks access charges.

Introducing a 5 digit gay chat line short-code

Initially, we introduced a 5-digit short-code gay chat line number that limited the per minute price and didn’t have any of the networks´access charges applied. It was a reliable and easily understood per minute price, advertised as having ´no hidden extras´in the price.

Gay chat line
SP=EWM Ltd. Live calls recorded. H/desk 020 7966 0018. 18+


  1. Call the number
  2. Record a short greeting to introduce yourself to other callers on our lines
  3. Browse other caller’s greetings and exchange private messages or chat live in a private 121

Cheap gay chat line for ONLY 8p per minute

Now we’ve set up a website that allows you to pay for bulk minutes. It’s called  It´s very mobile friendly and easy to navigate. You pick the access type you want. Either instant access from a landline, or instant access from a mobile or you join with a membership. For the first two you just click the number.

If you want to join with a membership then you just enter your phone number and then pay by a secure payment method, like PayPal. You can pay by entering your credit card if you want. Most people prefer the safety of PayPal or G Pay. It’s brought the price down to as low as 8p per minute. You can then top up while you’re on the phone or do it online within your account.

  • Open an account for £10, get £6 as a bonus. 133.33 minutes of time (equates to 8ppm)
  • £10 top up = 83.33 minutes of time (equates to 12ppm)
  • £20 top up = 166.67 minutes of time (equates to 12ppm)
  • £30 top up, get £6 as a bonus. 300 minutes of time (equates to 10ppm)


gay chatlines
Join Cheap gay chat on your mobile
Join Cheap gay chat on your mobile

Direct gay chatline access from a landline:

If you want to calling via an 0871 number then you can call by clicking on this number.

0871 908 9089

gay phone fun

Calls to 0871 908 9089 cost 13p per minute plus your network operators access charge. 18+. Live calls recorded. SP=EWM. H/desk 020 7966 0018

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