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A absolutely absurd queer art rave with plenty of insanity at one of London’s top venues, Electrowerkz.

With several dance floors and lots of amazing DJs, a playroom, chill spaces, performances, stalls and visual art everywhere.

DJs playing Techno including: Allyxpress, Anahita Shamsaei, Barbs, Benz, David Ramsay, Edna, Emmally, Fillo Deportaberta, Harietta, miniMel, Miss Cabbage, Nanzhen Yang, Shahfaz, Sissy Misfit, Sterling, Subdawn and Twang.

Visual artists include Andrea Cheng, Douceur Erajh, George Bidden, Martin Kaltenböck, Milly Burrow, Romina Bella and Zoey  Chang. 

Performers on the night: Douceur Erajh, Funny Business Clowns, Hunter Manning, Jake Orpwood Smith, Jordan Charles, Kemi, Leon Croxford, Lyra D.Lírio, Nico, Rachel Rooney, Tish, Twinkbreakers. 

The queer market will be made up of stalls from Cass, Geremi, Issue Wang, Ratgirl and Uiiba Club and more.  

In the playroom Barbs will also be playing on the piano!

Please note: Riposte Queer Art Rave works through open calls, so if you want to be part of it you can apply through the link below:

Tickets to Riposte here.

Riposte Queer Art Rave is on Friday, 3 May 2024, 9 pm – 6 am, at Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, The Angel, London EC1V 1NQ, United Kingdom.

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