The Year of the Pig Party

09/02/19: Stick THAT in your snout and snort it! We just love the look of a red and gold lantern moment. The Glory was giving it in bucket-fulls! The Bitten Peach gang were on stage serving up some pan-Asian fierceness, and really brought in the crowds. It was so damn busy we had to resort to flirting to get our Gin and Coke (yuck, we know). We’re just in love with the crowd that The Glory draws in, SO East London, so edgy, and so damn friendly. Making friends is as easy as “can we bum a smoke?” A night highlight has to be getting our fortune from an elderly Asian gentlemen which simply read ‘Enjoy Failure’. RUDE!

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Rd, Haggerston E2 8AS

Photos by Richard Holland

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