28/01/17: Have you ever been to Berghain?

Because if you have, you may have had more than a few flashbacks to it if you went to Trough on Saturday night. If you’ve ever been to Leake Street, London’s longest graffiti tunnel, you’d have found Vaults, a series of arty austere arches which housed this balloon-stuffed night.

Thrashing hard house and seething techno felt like the sonic recreation of the apocalypse, and saw numerous rounds of applause and people going mental on the dance floor throughout the evening.

The most inconceivably hot men you met in your dreams were there, along with some twerking twinks and even a few raver girls to dance, snog and eventually destroy the massive balloon wall.


All-in-all, an astounding first night for Sydney soirée which is bound to become a London Legend.


The Vaults, Waterloo, Leake Street, SE1 7NN

Words & Photos by Victor Hensel-Coe