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Gay Bar London: Rupert Street Soho

Rupert Street Gay Bar
Rupert Street Gay Bar Soho London

Rupert Street Bar is situated, rather shockingly, on Rupert St., Soho. It was once known as the bar where the business gays of London gathered together to quaff champagne. They´d pretend to check their Blackberries whilst eyeing the Muscle Mary bar staff.

Today Rupert Street Soho, or Ruperts as its affectionally known, is filled with a diverse mix of people but it is still very cruisey for both bar staff and customers alike, yay! On weekends it can get very loud partly because they host some great pre-parties for big Circuit type events. Thankfully the cocktail happy hour and the champagne specials are in place to numb you nicely into a boozy bliss.

Check out their cute little “snug” at the back of the bar too which is perfect for sidling up to someone you’ve been flirting with all night. Why not offer him a sip of your Rupert Street Kir Royale.

QX Review Quotes: Rupert Street Bar

¨Rupert Street Bar holds an enviable position in Soho and deserves its success.¨

¨The bar boys in their muscle vests were dripping testosterone and the crowd was as delicious a mix as you would get on any fine dining buffet.¨

Rupert Street Bar Boys
Rupert Street Bar Boys

Rupert Street Soho gay bar London
Rupert Street Gay Bar Soho

Rupert Street LGBT+ Pub

Rupert Street Bar Soho
Rupert Street Bar

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¨Our goal is to deliver fantastic customer experiences. We operate over 772 pubs and bars across the UK, within a wide variety of formats: from community and high-street pubs, through branded bars, to country inns and late-night venues.¨

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