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Leigh Bowery in red

‘The Legacy of Leigh Bowery, king of queer’, out now.

There is a new book out! 'The legacy of Leigh Bowery, king of queer'. The career of this outrageous shapeshifter of the '80s/'90s was...
RENEGADES. San Francisco Chloe Sherman

RENEGADES. San Francisco: Queer Life in the 1990s – photos by Chloe Sherman.

RENEGADES. San Francisco: Queer Life in the 1990s is an exhibition of the photographic works of Chloe Sherman at f3 – freiraum für fotografie...
50 queers lgbtq who changed the world

Celebrate Pride Month with 50 LGBTQI+ who changed the world.

50 LGBTQI+ who changed the world, is a new book which pays tribute in 50 portraits to the activists, personalities, writers and artists who...
breaking gender stereotypes

Breaking Gender Stereotypes by Kelly Allen.

My Brother George is a picture book written by queer parents Kelly and Zoey Allen and illustrated by Tara O'Brien, and it launched today,...
festival of Spanish queer literature

Festival of Spanish Queer Literature, 23 – 26 November.

The second Festival of Spanish Queer Literature in London, from London-based online bookstore Romancero Books, will take place between Wednesday, 23 and Saturday, 26...
Miriam Margoyles polar prize 2022

Miriam Margoyles and Joelle Taylor on Polari Prize Shortlists

Miriam Margolyes and Joelle Taylor are named in this year’s Polari Prize Shortlists celebrating small presses and diverse forms. Memoir, fiction, and vibrant poetry collections...
queer book queer poetry

Romantic queer poetry for Valentine’s Day

The romantic gift of queer poetry for Valentine's Day ... A tender book of romantic poetry by South African born poet and performer Douglas Graham...

Five gay books every gay man should read

As we're being encouraged to stay home, here are five gay books every gay man should read. Books, books, books. Us queers love them. It's strange...

Juno Dawson: We Talk Books and Boys with Brighton’s Teen Fiction Queen!

It’s a bright, crisp January day in Brighton. Arcade machines ping and tinkle and seagulls screech in the white winter sunshine. A young woman...

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