Harold Finley

QX meets Harold Finley.

QX meets Harold Finley who speaks of the inspiration behind his hit play A Thousand Miles of History:  What inspired you to write a play about...
cutting LGBTQ services

The Cutting Edge – Slashing LGBT services.

Last week saw the publication of the Trades Union Congress’ report into how the Coalition government’s austerity cuts are affecting LGBT services. Its findings...

QX meets Miss Peppermint, New York City Gurl!

Jason Reid chats to NYC drag glamazon Miss Peppermint who has been “servin’ it up” since she was a mini mint, dressing-up as Wonder...
John Waters interview

John Waters: Humour Terrorist.

John Waters will go to his grave as the “notorious” (he doesn’t like that word) movie director who got Divine to eat dog shit...
gay muslim

Growing Up Gay and Muslim

Ardent followers of Islam often harbour negative attitudes towards gays and in most of the Muslim-majority world homosexual activity is illegal, carrying the death...
Leslie Jordan

The Leslie Jordan Interview.

The Leslie Jordan Interview. Charming Hollywood raconteur and Emmy award-winning actor Leslie Jordan rolls out hilarious anecdotes as easily in real life as his effeminate...
Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten interview.

Summer Rites brings Atomic Kitten to its Pop Circus Tent for its ‘Pride in the Park Festival’ – and they’ll be on the same...

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