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Calling all rubber lovers. Leading latex fashion designers and makers, Libidex, have launched their brand new male range LIBIDEX:MAN…

It’s the first collection of clothing for men from Libidex for a few years, and has been over a year in the creation. A lot of hard work and dedication from Libidex owner Simon Rose and his team of designers has gone into creating this range, which consists of more than 180 new pieces.

The LIBIDEX:MAN collection is aimed at a broad audience, but has lots to offer the gay man and those who enjoy the gay lifestyle. It offers a full wardrobe, ranging from sexy wear for clubs and parties such as aprons, skirts, kilts, briefs, jock straps and G-strings, but also caters for less heavy occasions with its T-shirts, vests, jeans and jackets. The modern and fashion-conscious gay man will find the LIBIDEX:MAN collection a refreshing change from the usual gay men’s wear.

The collection is divided into five ranges, each with its own particular style:


Dandy Man – for the man who wants to be the best-dressed guest at the party, this range offers a cool choice of sharp suits, shirts and trousers with clever quirky twists in latex.

Flash Man – a range with lots of classic styles that have been given a new look in latex, from cowboy shirts to combat trousers, polo shirts and jeans jackets, that will appeal to newcomers to latex clothing.

Fit Man – a taste of sportswear, featuring tight-cut vests, boxing shorts, tracksuits and wrestling suits, but all with a strong latex look. These garments combine successfully with items from our other ranges to create an individual look.

Hard Man – a range of latex with the more traditional tastes in mind – but with a modern makeover. Ideal for clubs and parties, these clothes offer a choice of look from the more minimal aprons to full-on male skirts.

Fresh Man – a fresh look at some of our old favourites and a few new ideas besides – full of essentials and classics such as T-shirts, shorts, leggings, jocks, G-strings and briefs.

rubber lovers rubber lovers

Introducing the new collection, Simon Rose stated, “Our design team has been working hard over many months to create a brand new collection that’s like nothing else in the latex world. We’ve designed the range so that many items can be worn together to create complete latex outfits, or can even be mixed with your own ‘ordinary’ clothes.

“We’ve photographed a lot of styles in many different and good-looking male colours to give our customers the opportunity to widen their wardrobe and choose the colours and designs that suit them best. We think this collection has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned rubber enthusiast or just keen to try out something different!”

rubber lovers

The new range is available for purchase through the Libidex website and at its shop ‘Liberation’ based in Covent Garden. Liberation is at 49 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HE.
Tel: 0207 836 5894. 

Libidex is offering QX readers 30% off its clothing range, simply enter ‘LIBIDEXQX’ in the checkout to receive your discount.




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