We love it when hot, new talent hits the glittering London cabaret scene, and one of those set to make a name for herself in 2013 is Rosie Beaver. Ahead of her upcoming show at Molly Moggs, we sent Lee Dalloway to have a chinwag with the lovely lady…


Hey lovely! So, for any of our readers who don’t know who Rosie Beaver is, how would you sum her up in a sentence?

Hiya loves! Well, I’m just your average northern lass who enjoys rocking out, rapping, and a good cuppa!

We hear you also have some Beaverettes, too?

Yes, although The Beaverettes aren’t with me at my upcoming gig at Molly Moggs, but they are my live rock band who I’m hoping to play festivals and more gigs with this year. We’re like nothing you’ve seen before; a mash-up of pop, rock and rap! It’s dead good.

Tell us about your show at Molly Moggs, what can we expect from it?

The show at Molly’s is different to my usual stuff. It’s ‘Rosie Beaver and Friends’ and it’s a little like Loose Women meets Jools Holland by way of Noel’s House Party! I’m the mistress of ceremonies for the show, and I’m joined by some of the best young drag queens in London! We’ve got Silver Summers, who’ll be giving us some pop and mash-ups; Vanity Von Glow will bring some class, though not too much; and the gorgeous tartan song bird Mary Mac will be belting out some classics! I also have a very special guest! From BBC’s ‘The Voice’ and now in Taboo in Brixton, Sam Buttery will be doing a couple of numbers!

Sounds fabulous!

It’s going to be a big day of fun, with a bit of something for everyone! I can’t bloomin’ wait.

So, when did you first step behind the mic? Has it been a lifelong ambition to sing?

The band and this way of life is a whole new ballgame for me. I’ve always wanted to entertain, and have in my own way, so to have an audience instead of a mirror is great!

Who are your artistic inspirations from the world of music? 

Musically, I’m obsessed with a few bands! I LOVE McFly! If I can create a record with their sensibility and wit I’d be overjoyed! I also love a bit of Nicki Minaj, Bon Jovi, Eurthymics and musical theatre. I’m pretty eclectic in my music, which is what makes me different. Well, I think so anyway! [Laughs]

What other cabaret divas and drag queens on the London scene do you admire?

I’ve got two drag mothers who without I’d just be sat at home watching TV, Dusty O and Julie Paid. I don’t think I’ve met two harder working people in this business called ‘show’. Week in, week out they strive for greatness and want this community to be entertaining, fun, and the best in the world! Dusty was a legend to me when I moved to London, and through her Tranny Academy at Madame JoJo’s, which I came 2nd in, I found my feet and voice. Julie is a perfectionist who takes people under her wing to nurture and support! Two very incredible Soho legends!

What’s coming up after your show at Molly Moggs?

Well, me and the Beaverettes will be back soon at Madame JoJo’s, and we’re going to film a six-part comedy web series. I’m also working with another alumni from The Voice, Ben Kelly, on a couple of original songs! Should be an exciting year!


• Don’t ‘Miss Rosie Beaver and Friends’ at Molly Moggs (2 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 4TA) on Sunday 20th January from 4.30pm.



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