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…and walk away with £1,000!


Are you more butch than bitch? Get ready to ditch the skimpy Abercrombie & Fitch shaved look, bust out the beard and maybe even sling a harness on as it is almost time for Mr Eagle 2014. If you think you’ve got what it takes to ruffle a few feathers and impress a crowd of eager men and scene judges, then you could win a whopping £1,000 and be the lust of all men for the coming year. Roy Inc presents his top seven tips for winning the coveted title and a generous stash of cash… AND contestants get a chance to represent Eagle London at International Mister Leather (May) or International Mister Rubber (November) in Chicago! Not bad at all.


1 Choose your outfit well, think what makes you feel confident

Cub, rubber pig, sugar daddy, leather top, sport boy, business city lad in a tight suit? Bulging crotch, porn star in the making or just landed in London and whoring for your green card?

2 Always have good eye contact with the host on stage

Even though you might not have any idea what the fuck he’s talking about just nod and smile.

3 Pick the perfect prop

The Eagle audience are a great crowd, so be a people pleaser and have a little trick up your sleeve; like wearing a jock strap if you’re willing to show!

4 No comprende? 

If English isn’t your first language bring along a hot interpreter, who will do all your “oral” translation for you.

5 Show off your best ass-ets

A way to convince the judges you should be crowned Mr Eagle is to drop something, turn around and pick it up, bum up in the air. A tight ass always brings in the points.

6 Bring your own clap-o-meter

Another way for points stealing is to bring your own crowd of mates ready to cheer you on towards getting that cash cow…

7 Variety is the spice of life

All are welcome to step on stage at The Eagle, including all ages! (Well, you must be over 18, of course. It’s Mr Eagle, not a Butlins Holiday Camp talent search contest!) But remember… bring your ‘A’ Game!


How To Enter:

Send an email to with your name, telephone number, a recent photo and a short sentence or two as to why YOU should be Mr Eagle 2014!


• Mr Eagle 2014 is at Eagle London (349 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11 5QY) on Saturday 15th May. 


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