A New Idol

Well it’s back! Drag Idol seemingly packed up shop after last year’s competition, when gender-bending LoUis CYfer won, but clearly they couldn’t stay away. The baton of running the three-month long event has been handed over from Idol matriarch Titti La Camp to 2012 winner La Voix. Jason Reid caught up with her for the lowdown this week… 


By Jason Reid

How did you get involved with the running of Drag Idol? 


I was very flattered that Titti La Camp asked me directly to take over after she had worked for ten years on the competition. She said for the first time in ten years she looks forward to being a judge.

So, with just a few weeks to go, how are the preparations going? And how are you feeling about it all? 

It’s all going swimmingly and it’s been very exciting to think of ways to spice up the competition and give it a fresh look. There’s a lot of work involved, but equally I have a lot of support from the team who have worked for so many years on it before.

Spice it up you say? Interesting. What changes are there this year then? 

Well, that would be telling… I can say that we’ve reduced the venues involved right down to 15, making the competition much more focused and intense. We have introduced some new venues, including the legendary RVT. And we have encouraged acts to promote themselves earlier to help create followings and fan bases, as opposed to seeing them for the first time in the heats. There are many other tricks up my sleeve too… but that’s top secret!

“I’m excited to see young fresh acts wowing crowds, bringing something new, as well as old-school acts who can deliver a show tune and own a stage!”

Both the RVT and The Black Cap are taking part… 

Yes, I am so thrilled the RVT are onboard (for the first time) and they really are ONBOARD! They’re planning great things and have really embraced their whole inclusion. I really wanted the Black Cap back in after I won it for them in 2012. The pub has had a rough ride fighting planning permission, and with acts like Meth, it has a new lease of life and it’s great to offer alternative acts a place to play a part in this competition, too.

What are you looking for in this year’s entrants? 

I’m looking for that extra something. Drag is changing so much lately with the influence of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and I feel we are on the edge of real change. I’m excited to see young fresh acts wowing crowds, bringing something new, as well as old-school acts who can deliver a show tune and own a stage! No matter what the style of performer, I want to see people thinking outside the box.

As a former winner, what advice would you give to acts entering?

Hit them hard from the minute you walk on! Energy, pizzazz and vibrancy. Make those queens shut up and take notice! You’re on for 10 minutes, make your mark and leave them wanting more. Also, whilst you’re waiting in the wings, don’t be influenced by any acts who go on before you, and don’t question yourself; you could even put headphones on! Go out and do your thing and make it your show.


• Drag Idol launch night is at The Two Brewers (114 Clapham High Street, SW4 7UJ) on Wednesday April 8th. 

• For a full list of participating venues and an application form visit www.dragidoluk.com