Come join the Menagerie!

Dusty O as you’ve never seen him before…


I am really looking forward to my Musical Menagerie at the New Bloomsbury Set . A lot of people seem to think I have “retired” after the demise of JoJo’s. Sorry to disappoint. I have, however, decided to commit only to projects I genuinely love.

When Jez from NBS asked me to put together a night of my choice for Sunday’s at his venue, I thought he would laugh in my face when I said I wanted show tunes, musical numbers and musical theatre songs with live singers. But he loved it… so here it is!

Over the last three years since my sojourn into a more “thespian” life at The Leicester Square Theatre, I have made loads of friends from that world and it seemed only fitting to provide them (and anyone else who enjoys this sort of thing) with somewhere fun to go to where they can indulge their talents.

We had some fab singers for our opening night. For those of you who enjoyed our 77 show run of ‘Sleeping Booty’ this year, you will be pleased to know I had secured the soaring vocal talents of Paula Masterson who played Fairy Muff, and our director Stuart Saint who was also celebrating his birthday for our first night.

 “It is the epitome of old skool eclectic and unashamedly camp.”

I will be knocking out a few tunes myself this week and a whole crew of wonderful West End types are also there to show us what they can do.

We welcome guest singers. Just bring along your track on CD and have a go. We prefer musical theatre and “oldies” so please no Beyoncé or rock.

The ethos of the night is low key, relaxing and social with impromptu singers set in a charming, friendly and well run little venue tucked away in the home of bohemian London – Bloomsbury.

The soundtrack of the night is anything from Ethel Merman’s disco album to tracks from Frozen or Shirley Bassey. It is the epitome of old skool eclectic and unashamedly camp.

Come and have a wee drinky or five and knock one out with us – a song I mean.


• Dusty O’s Musical Menagerie at the New Bloomsbury Set (76 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AG) every Sunday. Doors 4pm, show 6pm



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