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WELL, what a week it’s been [clutches pearls!] But I won’t go off on a rant about how we’re faced with five more years of stomach churning smarminess and cuts to the poorest in society (someone please stop me now), because I’m here to talk about Drag Idol god dammit, so that’s what I shall do! Shall we crack on? I suppose it’s for the best…


By Jason Reid

The heat stages of the competition continued all around the country this past week, and as we tipsily tottered into week three, we’ve started to see some quite interesting and unique talent emerge. A few have made me sit up and pay attention, but I’ll keep their names to myself for now, what with me being so impartial and all. Just ask Sinitta or Su Pollard, they’ll vouch for me (I’m such a shameless name dropper).

In London, the Halfway to Heaven heats started, hosted by Bette Rinse. Claudia F won and became the first of their heat finalists. Up in Soho, the standard was so high that those pesky judges at the Admiral Duncan (JOKE DEARS!) went and put two lucky acts through: Shakondda and Cake.

The RVT delivered a spectacular heat on election night; there we saw Sum-Ting Wong secure a place in the heat final. Host Son of a Tutu summed up the heats at the Tavern, thus far: “Drag Idol has finally come to the RVT and all I can say is ‘Thank you Jesus’. Great judges; brilliant discerning audiences; fantastic support from the venue, and incredible turns by the contestants who seem, for one reason or another, to raise their levels when they take to the stage supported by the great facilities; even I sound good, sometimes.”

Out of London, Belinda Scandal’s Show Bar in Manchester decided who would represent them in the Birmingham semi-final. Variety was the name of the game, by all accounts. “Five acts took to the stage. And the eventual winner was Krystal Kane: a live vocalist. The other acts brought a selection of mime, stand-up comedy and even modern dance.” Belinda told me.

All the best in the semi-finals Krystal. And with that I’m disappearing into a puff of glittery smoke for another week. T’raaaaaaaa.


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