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Yes! A gay sailing club exists. It’s called the Sailing & Cruising Association, and it’s based all over the UK.


Its got over 450 members, and they link up virtually via the group’s website, and meet depending on where they live. With the summer approaching, sailing is a great past time to get on board with. It’s fun, it’s wholesome and it’s also very dignified and leisurely. None of that uncouth power boating nonsense. We’re talking about booms and mainsails dahhling.

Experiences range from seasoned ocean farers to total novices, so any ability is welcome. Events are organized at least once a month during sailing season. So pack a cool box full of cucumber sandwiches (or bottles of bolly sweetie) and dust off that life jacket you bought ten years ago! AHOY SEAMEN (sorry, we got this far without making a semen joke, we couldn’t resist).

• For more info and to apply for membership, go to

Saturday gay night with WLQP at The George IV pub in London

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