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Here’s the QX gay fetish identification guide. With Fetish Week London kicking off, we thought it might be wise to help any newbies discern what their gay fetish actually is, before throwing themselves headlong into their massive program of pervy parties. There’s something for every one, so crack open the poppers, polish your boots, tighten your cockring and get reading!


Gay Fetish Identification Guide to BDSM & BONDAGE

Have you ever tied your belt a little bit too tight and though “this is quite horny”? Or maybe someone’s playful slap has sent blood rushing to your crotch? If either of them are the case for you, you just might be a bit of Bondage and BDSM. Which is just fine, since Fetish Week have a Bondage Masterclass, where you can hone your knot-tying, as well as a bondage room where you can keep yourself tied up.

gay fetish identification guide
Gay Fetish Identification Guide : BDSM & Bondage


Gay Fetish Identification Guide to SPORTS

Football, rugby, boxing, swimming, wrestling, cycling, lycra, spandex, trackies, trainers, jockstraps, muddy fields, sweaty pits, group showers. Wet yet? Because if that’s the case, then you might be quite the sports fan. We’re not talking about some bloated twat sitting at home watching the match and tucking into a TV dinner, we mean that watching the match makes you wanna get your fuck on. Good news, there’s a great place to score and it’s FWL’s Sports Cruise party. GOAL!

Gay Fetish Identification Guide to PUPPY PLAY

Woof woof, cock your leg for me. Good boy! Daddy’s got a meaty bone for you. Right, did any of that give you that lovely low-down tickle? Puppy Play is one of the fastest growing fetishes, so don’t be surprised if you wanna get fucked like Fido too! Best in Show is the Fetish Week event you need to be at. A party dedicated to pups and their handlers! Plus Full Fetish will have a pup area with turf and toys for them to frolic in. Down boy!

Gay Fetish Identification Guide :
Gay Fetish Identification Guide : Puppy Play


Gay Fetish Identification Guide to LEATHER

Does the scent of freshly polished cowhide get your motor running? The feel of bare skin against leather? The groans of it as you move make you let out a little groan yourself? Fetish Week has more events for your taste in material than you can shake a stick at! From Full Fetish to Deconstruction, to FWL2016-approved party BLUF at Backstreet, so get into it. We mean your leather. Get into and go to the parties. You’ll love it.


Gay Fetish Identification Guide to RUBBER & LATEX

Ever rubbed out your pencil work a little too sensually? Ever snapped your marigolds a little too vigorously? Does the sight of a rubber plant rub you up the right way? Has blowing up a balloon ever given you a boner? Well rubber and latex is probably for you! Give it a whirl, you get to wear fun outfits, and it’s all wipe-clean! For if you spill some…erm…water on it? Or, y’know. CUM. Or if you’re into watersports, piss! We’re not beating around the bush. Unlike you will be.

Gay Fetish Identification Guide Rubber & Latex
Gay Fetish Identification Guide : Rubber & Latex


Gay Fetish Identification Guide to BOOTS & SKINS

Have you ever walked past a rough skinhead in a pair of bovver boots and thought “Spit in your mouth and fuck me ‘til I cry?” You’re not alone. It’s actually quite a popular fetish. Where better to find yourself a shaved slut than at SKINHEAD? It’s like Ronseal, does what it says on the tin. Then does you right up the arse.

Gay Fetish Identification Guide : Boots & Skins


Gay Fetish Identification Guide to WATERSPORTS

Is taking a peek at the urinal a sexy situation to you? Does a steaming cup of hot piss whet your appetite? Well, you may well be into watersports. These guys are totally into what urine to. Sorry, that pun was just laying there begging for us to piss all over it. Full Fetish has a lovely piss room. It’s full to the brim of bathtubs and a man-made pool, so stop by for a dirty dip.

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• So if any of these have tickled your pickle (or your fancy), then check out Fetish Week London starting on Sunday July 10th until Sunday 17th July. Full listings and tickets can be found at


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