Community: LGBT Humanists

The concept of humanism is a commendable and accessible one; humanists emphasise the need for human compassion, and also logic. Prioritising rationalism and critical thinking over dogmatism and superstition. It’s tied in with a non-theistic life stance, but treats religion with respect. 


Humanism is one of the world’s fastest-growing social stances, which makes sense given the state of the world right now. There’s even an LGBT Humanist society, and it’s based right here in London!

The GALHA (Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association), has been meeting for over 30 years. It came into being , ironically, as a result of Mary Whitehouse protesting against insidious influences from “the humanist gay lobby” in 1977. At the time it didn’t exist, but after Mary suggested it, it occurred to some people that a humanist gay lobby might be quite a good idea.


Now, they campaign for equality and diversity, particularly regarding sexual orientation and identity, both in the UK and overseas. It’s lead totally by volunteers and aims to achieve equal rights for all.


• To get in touch, head to or drop an email to [email protected]