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Five years ago this week, QX took a chance on an enthusiastic young (I was once) drag hag and offered me a job as their cabaret reporter. To mark half a decade of interviews, this week I’ve been trawling through the archives.


The main aim has always been to provide light and shade; keeping it jovial but also looking into the topics that shape our cabaret scene and society itself. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some incredible artists, from Drag Race queens to Drag Idol winners, via some of the scene’s most well known faces. Here are some of my favourite quotes!

Bette Rinse

If I hadn’t become a drag artist, I would’ve liked to have been a brain surgeon, so that I could fuck with people’s heads.


Yes, I’m a grumpy mare sometimes, but I like me. You should like you, too. The biggest love affair you should ever have is with yourself.


Greedy, soulless, big business corporations who think they can attack and take away our queer spaces for financial gain should be thrown into dressing room 101. And strawberries. I fucking hate strawberries.


There’s been more than a few crazy sexual encounters, like when I got toe fucked and didn’t know about it. And when a double-ender got ‘misplaced’ inside me. That was kinda neat.

LoUis CYfer

I’m in the business of challenging stereotyping, not just stereotypes.


I much prefer old fashioned cruising. Getting on your knees and chowing down on a nice fat, juicy cock on the Heath is much better than constant ping-pong messages on Grindr.

Lady Bunny

I know you English boys are uncut, so I always come prepared with some crackers.

Joey Arias

Klaus Nomi and I were in the Mudd Club one night when were we introduced to David Bowie, and it turned out he was a huge fan of Klaus’. It was then that he asked us to be his backing singers on Saturday Night Live.

Son Of a Tutu

Without Facebook or Twitter, how would you know who or what other people are: wearing, eating, cheating-on, bitching about, stalking, and hating.

Myra DuBois

Yes, Thatcher did leave a legacy. He was called called Tony Blair.

Le Gateau Chocolat

Imagine the lights suddenly going out, and with them, taking your drive, your lust for life, your ability to socialise, your appetite. A darkness that has a profound effect not only on your vision but your entire being. At my worst, I felt like I had lead in my veins. I lay in bed for days on end finding it a real struggle to even turn over.

Mary Mac

Remember your neck is there for a reason, try and make it the same colour as your face.

Drag Baby

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