Daddy Issues

East London’s Freudian fiesta is BACK this month, in a shower of hairy forearms, handlebar moustaches, and all things daddy. It’s the brainchild of daddy’s boys Dom Top, James Bartlette, Borja Peña and Ollywood. We spoke to daddy’s boys Ollywood and Borja to find out more!


Describe Daddy Issues in one burly sentence!


OLLYWOOD: East London’s cutest party, that caters for sexy DILFs and their admirers, hot daddies, daddies boys and the guys that drool over them.

BORJA: Open to all ages, races, body types, tops, bottoms, furry, smooth, gay, lesbian transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, species fuck, cross dressers, cosplayers, freaks, nerds, shamans, hippies, aliens and proud to be hetero friendly!

How did the night come about?

OLLYWOOD: I had wanted to create a t-shirt line for a while. I wanted something to do with daddies. Borja came to me with the idea of doing a party, “something to do with daddies” he said. So it was the perfect fit to do both.

BORJA: For me it was about being able to be creative with music, and also having the chance to play music I’ve been compiling from everywhere I play in the world. The beauty of London is not only the local history, but also the influence of other countries. So I wanted to create a music space that will showcase that.

The daddy thing has been so trendy lately! Why do you think that is?

BORJA: Daddy is a state of mind – if you care about

someone, and take a younger person under your wing as a lover or just as a good friend and inspire him with things you’ve experienced first hand…you’re a daddy!

OLLYWOOD: Plus older men are getting sexier and sexier nowadays.

Did any of you get Christmas presents from daddy?

OLLYWOOD: Borja actually got me a daddy xmas decoration which is a Tom of Finland style daddy merman with a black sparkly tail, it’s so me it’s unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it when I got it, I have no idea where you even find something like that. I love it.

BORJA: A good friend that I would classify as a daddy brought me this amazing Raicilla Mezcal from Puerto Vallarta in Mexico….craziest drink I ever had! It’s like a mix of tequila and absinthe.

Daddy Issues is becoming an INTERNATIONAL BRAND. Tell us about that.

BORJA: The support is so incredible! We call them #daddysarmy. We’ve been in talks with some incredible likeminded DJ friends in Barcelona, LA and San Francisco, to start taking the party on tour.

OLLYWOOD: People have been ordering the t-shirts all over the world. We’ll suddenly get tagged in a picture and it’s someone who ordered a tee from Australia, Hong Kong or Mexico.

Who designed them and where can we get them?

OLLYWOOD: They’re illustrated by @heyrooney, who’s done an amazing job. I was always a big fan of him, so it was amazing that he was so into what we’re doing. He captures the spirit and mood of the party completely. He’s a huge part of the brand identity and we feel so lucky to work with him.

BORJA: He’s a creative force, and we hope he’ll do many more daddies for us…this is only the beginning! We want a daddy that will speak to each and every one of our friends! keep an eye for our new designs at

What tunes can we expect at the night them?

BORJA: Amazing songs from the past you never heard and super fun music from dance floors from all over the world! Basically the brief to our guests is HAVE FUN AND BRING IT. And they NEVER disappoint.

We think the ultimate daddy is Rocco Steele. WHO’S YOURS?

OLLYWOOD: I have a few, Rogan Richards, Francois Sagat, Riccardo Tisci and Tom Ford.

BORJA: Uhmmmm I think my ultimate daddy is Tom Selleck in his Magnum days…. and my favorite DJ daddies are Rich King, Mark Louque, and any of the Horse Meat Disco Boys are totally DJ daddies.

THANKS GUYS! See you at Daddy Issues!


• Daddy Issues is this Friday 13th January at Tipsy, 20 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XN.  10pm – 3am. £5 before 11pm, £7 after.