The Mighty Hoopla

Our preview of London’s hottest new day festival.

Some of the capital’s best club nights have sat down together and decided to put on an outdoors extravaganza to high-kick off your summer! And it looks like it’s going to be one of those days. You know the sort. One of those madly messy, sun-drenched coming-togethers that makes you fall back in love with London and forgive it for all its routinely grey aggressiveness.

If you think we’re being wildly over-dramatic, well, you might be right, but you can’t deny that the Mighty Hoopla line-up doesn’t look hella exciting. Top of the bill, you’ve got internationally recognised mega-bae Olly Alexander and his band mates, whose names momentarily escape us, give us their synth-pop perfection.

They’re joined by the girl band that defined the 90s; All Saints! (don’t look at us like that).

There’s also going to be the gender-bending, glitter-shitting Sink The Pink, who will be taking over a stage with posh popstars Will Young and Sophie Ellis-Bextor in tow, as well as newcomers Raye, Alma, Girli, and Porter. The crusaders of campery at The Glory will be dominating the Bandstand and providing you with their unique take on elaborate silliness. Plus, Charlotte Church invites you into her surreal pop dungeon to hear her mash-up of Destiny’s Child and Rage Against The Machine.

You shouldn’t really need any more than that, but there is. By the bucketload. Club nights (R&She, We Love Pop, Ultimate Power), nostalgia acts (S Club 7, SNAP!, Alison Limerick) unclassifiable novelties (Lorraine Bowen, Figs in Wigs, Old Dirty Brasstards). NAMES NAMES NAMES, every kitsch bitch from London will be there.

Ask anyone who went to Hoopla’s weekend at Butlins last year, and they’ll tell you it was a couple of days of day-drinkingly, kaleidoscopic chaos. Perhaps b1est of all, you don’t have to go to Bognor Regis for it this time round. All this, and on the Central Line. Don’t miss what’s set to be London’s campest party of the summer!

• The Mighty Hoopla is on Sunday 4th June at Victoria Park, Grove Road, E3 5TB, 12pm-10.30pm, tickets £34, Limited offer: 6 tickets for the price of 4



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