Nadine Coyle is returning to music and we are SHOOK

Bay may nueu aylbum!

Fresh from a superglam stint as the face of Specsavers (or as she would say, SPAYUCKSAYVURS) Nadine Coyle has announced she is having a musical renaissance (or as she would say, A MAYUSIKAL RAYNAYSANSE).

This is the best thing to happen to pop since Timebomb by Kylie Minogue. And you know we wouldn’t say that lightly.

We love Nadine. She is widely regarded as being the most fierce, most talented, and most Irish member of Girls Aloud. In fact, we love her so much that we once wrote a career retrospective about her. It didn’t take very long.

Despite this, she’s had many iconic moments, including that time she lied about her age, that time she released an album only in Tesco, and that time she called a koala “disgusting.”

And now, according to “sources” we’re going to be treated to even more Nadine-related capers!

“Nadine has spent the last few years soul-searching and finally feels ready to have another crack at her solo career,” a source explained to a newspaper we really don’t like “She has been working with Brian and can’t wait to show people her material.”

“There has even been talk of a Girls Aloud track on the album.”

SARAH HARDING, are you reading this? Put down that sambucca shot IMMEDIATELY. Untie Gareth Gates from your headboard. There’s work to be done!

NB: There is no actual evidence that Nadine is returning to music, it’s just based on something a “source” said to The Sun, so obviously it’s all bollocks. But it’s nice to dream isn’t it.



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