Behind the scenes at the QX/Clonezone pride shoot!

Photos by Rafal Liszewski

Last Friday afternoon, Pall Mall screeched to a standstill and tourists stopped dead in their tracks, open-mouthed, halfway through taking pictures of bollards, as the QX and Clonezone teams arrived, sporting a massive rainbow flag and a basically naked model.

The reason we chose such an,erm, energetic location, is because we wanted it to represent freedom and defiance! We’ve been all about freedom and defiance these days, as you might have noticed. We were also catching up with The Crown on Netflix when we were hungover the other day, so that probably had something to do with our location choice too.

CloneZone provided boots, a harness and underwear, which all fitted gorgeous model Darren VERY well. Particularly the underwear. Actually we’d just like to commend Darren on his professionalism – it takes a lot of balls to stand waving a rainbow flag in the middle of the road in front of Buckingham Palace. Or maybe it’s just all in a day’s work for our Darren!

A special word also for Benoit, the QX photographer, for being intrepidly inventive. And Raf the Clonezone photographer, for taking these amazing action pics. See the full shoot in our special Pride Issue, out tomorrow!

Anyway, we all made it out unscathed! Good work team, and HAPPY PRIDE!




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