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What IS it about grey sweatpants?! There’s just something about them isn’t there. Maybe it’s their rough and ready quality. Pull ’em on a go (or pull ’em OFF and go).

Anyway it’s quite hard to look bad in grey sweatpants, but if you’ve got the right, ahem, assetts, you can look SENSATIONAL.

If you, like us, are partial to perusing and pursuing attractive gentlemen in grey sweatpants, you’re in luck – Chappy have put together eight of them just for you!

We’re sure you’ve heard of Chappy by now, but in case you’ve been living under a rock (or in Zone 4) for the last year, here’s a quick lowdown; they’re a brand new, supertrendy gay dating app. They’re focusing on veering away from the dick pic side of things, reminding you that keeping it in your pants (at least for a bit) can be just as fun!

And speaking of things in pants, HERE’S THEIR LIST OF HOT MEN IN SWEATPANTS. Enjoy:

Ryan Gosling

“This ensemble is sending us La La. We would swipe right so hard for this!”

Zac Efron

“Zac, we are always on baewatch for you. We await your DM.”

Jamie Dornan

“50 Shades of please match me.”

Charlie Hunnam

“From Queer as Folk to Cute as F.…”

Lebron James

“Don’t worry Lebron, sometimes we forget to wear underwear too. Just don’t do it on our Chappy date.”

Andrew Garfield

Cheap Gay Chat lines from 8p per minute. 4 chat fun!

“Sometimes superheroes need comfort too.”


“Seems he and Lebron were targeted by the same underwear thief!”


So… Is the age of the unsolicited dick pic over? Quite possibly.

Check the app out for yourself and see what handsome (potentially sweatpant wearing) guys are waiting for you on Chappy App.


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