Coming Out UK – The charity empowering people to come out

coming out uk

Coming Out UK is an organisation that helps LGBT+ people come out to their friends and family in what can often be a difficult time. It was founded in 2015 by Brooke and Carl Ellis and has since grown to a team of six.

   On their website, they produce content to help people through the process, including a recent mini-documentary series with various people talking through their coming outs. They also hold discreet support groups in local areas. This year, they marched at London Pride for the first time where they gave out T-shirts and wristbands.

   They estimate that 25% of LGBT+ people have not come out by the age of 25 and that 3% never do. Many of these are reluctant to do so because of the risk of homophobic hate crimes, which recent research by Stonewall has found is on the increase again.

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