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Our fave fetish kids are throwing a fistive shindig

Recon’s yearly London party comes just at the perfect time really. You’ve just got back into London after spending a couple of days back in your hometown of Brexit-over-sea, mainlining Quality Street and enduring Mrs Brown’s Boys out of sheer reluctance to get off the sofa. All very wholesome, but now you’re ready for a bit of no holds barred MAN-ON-MAN action.

This is where fetish app Recon comes in to save you from festive tedium. On Friday 29th December, they’re taking over all nine arches of Fire to deliver a party like no other. Hundreds of horny guys will be buzzing throughout the rooms, with spaces dedicated to BDSM, pups, piss, fisting and slings. The Greatest Hits of fetish, if you will.

Plus, they’ve got a few fresh ideas tucked in their jockstraps. This year’s party will see the debut of the sensory room. Intrepid folk wanting to enter will have to put on a gas mask, eliminating all senses other than touch. Stripped of all your main faculties, you’re going to have to reach out and feel your surroundings, whatever they could be…

When you want a break from the relentless action, there are plenty of bars and chill out spaces to have a breather and meet other fetish friends. On the dance floors, Rob C, Dave Hunt, Cyril G, and Gordon John will be spinning hot and horny beats all night long, while Chris Brogan tales over the VIP Lounge.

Forget New Year, because this promises to be a truly show-stopping send-off to 2017. So nab a ticket and give those arseless leather chaps an iron; Recon are wreaking havoc again!

Recon London is on Friday 29th December at Fire, 39 Parry Street, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1SP, 10pm-5am, £25 adv, £30 OTD, VIP £50 adv, £60 OTD

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