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Ahead of this Saturday’s birthday celebrations, Brew looks back on 4 years of London’s most debauched party for leather fiends

It’s easy to dismiss the gay scene as an anodyne hodgepodge of Little Mix remixes and sexless dance floors, but there are still some nights out there that you wouldn’t discuss with Jenny in Accounts on Monday mornings. Mastery is one of them. Taking place every month at Mile End’s Backstreet, it’s a thrillingly uncompromising fetish night that keeps the cruisey spirit of vintage San Francisco leather bars alive and kicking!

This Saturday, they’re celebrating their birthday and who better to reflect on four years of no-holds-barred fetish freakery than the man at the beating, leather-bound heart of it all, Brew Hunter? Take it away, Brew…

I started MASTERY to try and coax leathermen and bois away from computer screens and apps, and back to a hard-playing, man2man, face2face, leather and rubber night that recreates the hard and heavy style, vibe and attitude of the classic days of the Leather and BDSM Scene; a smoky, sweaty, sleazy, lust-fuelled return to the masculine glory days that were illustrated by Tom of Finland and Robert Mapplethorpe, reimagining the images and play from the Castro, New York vintage leather bars, and retro porn! And it worked…

The most memorable moments have been seeing the night grow from a private one-off with leather friends – Masters and their bois – into 4 years of packed clubs with experienced sexy and sleazy leathermen along with newcomers and younger leatherbois, who want to explore not only leather and rubber, but also the full-on MASTERY ‘SEX, SMoke and SUBmission’  experience to the maXX!

It’s horny as hell to see leather masters with their collared and chained slavebois, cigar daddys with their bootlicking ashtray bois, our MASTERY bootblacks working on shining tops’ boots and a club full of hard-playing, old guard tops and bottoms who lust for Dominance and Discipline, bootlicking and facefucking, and who are not afraid of FFists, cock, chains, slings and floggers! I like to see them drippin’ and stinkin’ of lube, piss, spit,  and mansweat, and expect to see them at my boots, hooded, gagged and crawling on all fours in my collar and chain.

Highlights? Welcoming leather pigs from across the world – dirty, hungry dogs and pups, cigar daddys, bikers, skins, gimps and everything in-between; Seeing hungry, BDSM subs caged and collared, and taking my flogger with an appreciative audience; fistfucking two hot and hard muscleboys at the same time, with a third one on my cock and a fourth working my man tits; seeing a first timer walk into the club and see his eyes light up, because he knows he’s finally ‘at home’ with a room full of real lust-fuelled leathermen; seeing a young inexperienced leatherboy, after 2 years, now walk into the club as a master, with two slaves on his chain! But perhaps the biggest highlight of all has been working with the guys at THE BACKSTREET, who continue to run London’s original, best – and now only – Leather/Rubber fetish club, with the best prices, attitude, atmosphere, prices and welcome in the capital, and who deserve all the support in the Fetish world!

I want to thank all the guys who have supported MASTERY from day one, and continue to do so, in order that our Leather and Rubber Scene can continue to grow and flourish. I want to welcome any newcomers to MASTERY – have no fear – basic leather or rubber will suffice to conform to Backstreet’s dress code. The only rule is: ENJOY!  And embrace our fetish scene to the FULL!

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