Beyond Carnival

Feathered frivolity and kalleidoscopic hedonism – welcome to Beyond Carnival 



This Easter Saturday, we’re taking you on a twelve hour trip around the biggest carnival to hit London, with our very own Latin Quarter! Get ready to shake every part of your body over three rooms of pumping music, all with their own twist on the theme of carnival. Superstar DJ and producer Juanjo Martin is flying over exclusively for Beyond, his first time back in London for over four years. Welcome to a new era of passion, dance, fun and music, with an eclectic mix of our unique Beyond sound, progressive house and uplifting vocals and a Latin/South American twist in the Latin Quarter.


The Easter weekend is approaching fast, and we can’t wait for the biggest fiesta to hit London. I love the energy, sound and atmosphere the carnival themes drum up. I’ll be unleashing some funky tribal tech & circuit beats on the main floor. I’m also playing alongside Juanjo, whose sound and Supermartxe party was quite influential to the sound I chose to pursue starting out as a DJ. This is gonna be amazing!



The costumes and production me and Martin have planned are INSANE. Making everything from scratch, we’ll be dressing our gorgeous performers in feathered bondage realness. Carnival costumes have never been this naughty’.  Be ready for breathtaking outrageousness, and the most extravagant shows we are planning to date. 


After the successful Launch of ‘I A:M A  LATIN LOVER’ weekly at A:M, we thought we’d give you something extra special as always at Beyond with our own spin on the Latin Quarter.  Our Fabulous Hostess Dafne Del Giorgio, along with Sidney Bueno, will be adding that extra touch of South American Latin fun to the Carnival party. We’re transporting you into a sun-drenched cocktail-topia paradise, filled with our very own handpicked Hot Latino waiters, Loco colourful performances and a mix of sexy Spanish beats from salsa & merengue to Despacito & Reggaetón Lento.



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