Birthday Bears!

XXL head honcho Mark Ames celebrates his birthday this Saturday!

It’s never just a regular Saturday night at XXL. You should know that by now. We all know of certain clubs (we don’t need to name them, we’re better than that) where you can have the same night every time you waltz in through the doors, right down to the same Toxic/Oops!… mash-up they play just after 2am. Not at XXL though! Every week, there’s a different theme, different DJs, different men, keeping you on your toes. You’ve got to appreciate that commitment to variety for a club night that’s been going on for 17 years. If we were them, we’d be tempted to just crawl through the motions.

Anyway, this Saturday is no different. They’re celebrating the birthday of Mark Ames, the head honcho behind the hi-octane hairiness. He’s celebrating his [REDACTED]th year, so we thought we’d put some bears in their birthday suits on our pages just for him. Tenuous? You bet! But we don’t see anybody complaining. In fact, you’d love it. We could put it on every page and we’d be more popular than ever. And with that, we invented the concept of pornography!

As well as Mark’s birthday, it’s also going to be a St Patrick’s Day special! It feels a pretty good time to be Irish at the moment. They’ve won the Six Nations convincingly. Everyone loves Derry Girls. Brexit hasn’t ravaged two decades of a peaceful border (yet). So plenty of things to party about! As well as the usual free-flowing Guinness and Jameson, you can guarantee that Joe Egg and David Robson will be spinning some of the finest Irish pop in the Fur Lounge. Enya, B*Witched, Samantha Mumba, and absolutely NO Galway Girl.

Plus, in the cavernous main room, alongside residents Alex Logan and Paul Morrell, legendary scene DJ Fat Tony will be doing a stint behind the decks, playing a fresh mixture of vintage house and hands-in-the-air dance anthems. Head down for some of their unbeatable laser-blitzing, poppers-huffing, shirts-tucked-in-back-pocket dance floor action!


XXL St Patrick’s Day is on Saturday 17th March at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, SE1 9UF, 10pm-7am, members £10, guests £15