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Manscaping is very in right now, apparently.

Filipe Vieira, from male grooming company Gentwise, gives us some male grooming tips!

Gone are the days when grooming for men was no more than a quick half hearted haircut in a shop that looked more like Sweeney Todd’s mausoleum than a place where you’d expect a hairstyle. We’ve gone a long way, especially in the past few years – male grooming has finally come out of the closet! We now want more than walking out of a barbershop looking the same as the last guy who sat on that chair. We have our own individuality and we want to express it. We have unique needs and expectations and we want them to be assessed and met with the highest level of creativity and professionalism. With that mind, there’ve been a lot of “trendy” barber shops out there, but unfortunately most are just Sweeney Todd’s mausoleum with Febreze, and everyone walks out with that same haircut regardless of what you ask for.

So what makes a really good haircut? A haircut is like a hat that sits on your head, so it should compliment your face shape, not hide or emphasize it. We can all be reduced to six face shapes: square, oblong, oval, round, diamond and triangle. Some haircuts depend on your face shape. A skillful barber will be able to recommend a style that suits you best, even though it might not be the one you had in mind. For instance, if you have an oval face shape, you want a style that keeps your hair off your face so you don’t lose your natural face length like a taper cut. Same goes for your beard, a round face calls for shorter on the sides and longer on the chin to give more of length to the face.

But male grooming goes beyond your face and head, just as you wouldn’t go for a bad haircut, you shouldn’t settle for bad manscaping either. Down under is an area that makes most people cringe when it comes to hair removal, but let’s face it, with two inches of hair, you’re hiding quite a large portion of your asset. Shaving is an option, but only lasts a few days. Waxing will give a good six weeks before it goes undercover again or if you are an action man you should consider electrolysis, which is a permanent hair removal system that treats each individual hair and is totally safe for your friend.

Be it mop, fuzz or pelt, you should always consider your natural shape, what you want to achieve with your look, how long you want it to last and how much time you’ve got to maintain it. Take your time to talk to your barber or your body grooming specialist about the options available and what suits you best, remember that male grooming is no longer in the closet and you deserve more than Sweeney Todd.

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