Vauxhall Street Food Garden

An oasis of street food delights right by a bridge in Vauxhall!

It’s a SWELTERING evening in Vauxhall and we’re at the Vauxhall Street Food Gardens to try out their mouthwatering, sizzingly aromatic street food menu. It’s all about street food these days isn’t it! You can’t swing a bag of kale without knocking into a cheese truck called “Justin Brieber” or a flatbread stand called “Luxury Flats” – both actual things, by the way.

The street food at Vauxhall Street Food Gardens is a bit more secretive and salubrious. It’s tucked down a little alley in Vauxhall just before you go under the bridge (after the Starbucks) and when you DO go down it, one of those magical London moments happen – all the hustle and bustle and humdrum of outside life disappears, and you’re transported in an oasis of calm. Ironically, on weekends it’s anything BUT calm, as it transforms into the outside terrace of Fire, one of London’s most outrageous and frenetic gay clubs (we mention it in this magazine sometimes, only a few times every week though).

After sipping some VERY professionally made whisky sours, we ordered a chicken and halloumi wrap, and a bean burger with chips. Both fairly standard street food fare, but both EXCELLENT. The halloumi wasn’t rubbery. It was crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth perfection. The chicken was gorgeous and moist (YES, we said moist). And the bean burger wasn’t just one of those frozen ones slapped on a griddle for a few minutes, no – this was a succulent, and probably quite healthy, HOME MADE bean burger. And all for very reasonable prices.

So next time you’re sauntering under the bridge in Vauxhall keep an eye out for an Alice In Wonderland-esque doorway, and pop in for an oasis of culinary delights!


Vauxhall Street Food Garden is at 6A South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP. Open 11:30am – 10:30pm. Tickets for World Cup screenings available at