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There’s always that anticipation in the weeks leading up to Pride. Your fave venues are announcing their Pride programmes and you’r not sure if they’ll quite be up to scratch. There’s NOTHING worse than committing to going to one thing then finding something else you’d much rather go to… This sure as hell isn’t the case at Cruz 101. They’ve already dropped their party schedule and it looks like it’s gearing up to be a stonker. Five whole days of utter madness, and we can’t wait. Here’s a complete breakdown of all that’s going on over at Cruz 101:

Thursday 11pm – 6am, 23rd August 

They’re serving SASS in the run up to the weekend. Get started early, the quicker you get on Pride-ing, the longer it’ll last. It’s their signature night of raving 90’s and getting down and dirty 00’s, brought to you by Christopher Dresden Styles spinning those tunes that you know every single word to. Warm up those vocal chords with some good old drunk singing. 

Friday 10:30pm – 8am, 24th August

Pride will have officially arrived on Friday night, but not before this Official Pride Opening Party. There’s nothing like going full balls to the wall on the Friday. Why not? It’s like popping the cork of a bottle of bubbly, and licking up all that fizzy froth. Resident DJ’s Kriss Herbert and Craig Law will be battling it out, out doing themselves with the day’s freshest beats. Then killer choreo queen Peter Belina will be tearing up the dance floor, shaking his thing like there’s not parade tomorrow. 

Saturday 10:30pm – 8am, 25th August

By Saturday afternoon you’ll flagging, having marched all day and partied your ass off in Canal Street, you’ll need a pick me up. APEX at Cruz 101 is exactly what is going to get you through to Sunday morning. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time for this one because Nadine Coyle will be taking to the stage. Her performance on the main stage will be crowded, sweaty, with snotty kids everywhere. Here you’ll see her surrounded by the queers you love, bopping around to those Girls Aloud tunes that never get old. After she’s brought the house down, dance the night away in the rubble with Trash Pop Princess James Bowers. These tickets are selling like hotcakes, so grab them ASAP.

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Cruz 101's Easter Weekend

Sunday 10:30 pm – 8am, 26th August

Part two, the remix. Sunday night brings with it APEX:2. A whole night of revelry over at Cruz 101 on Saturday night won’t be enough. Trust us. You’ll be begging to go back to the night before, so lucky for you that’s exactly what they’ve done. They are still keeping it fresh though as Sunday night brings with it some of London’s top DJ talent. Sam Londt who usually tears up Circa will be there, along with Liam Chaplin the mixing master over at the iconic gay pub The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. They also have some mysterious live performances… www, secrets. 

Monday 10:30pm – 7am, 27th August

It has to end sometime, but thankfully it’s out with a BANG. The Official Pride Closing Party will be at Cruz 101 until the not-so-early hours of Tuesday morning. They want to give back to the folks who gave up their Pride weekends for you to enjoy yours so it’s free entry to all Village Staff and Pride Volunteers. It’ll be serving up camp Disco hits along with those standard party tunes to make sure that your Pride ends on a high. 

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Cruz 101's Easter Weekend

Dorian The Musical

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