Manchester Pride forced out of Canal Street

Next year’s Manchester Pride is going to look very different. Due to property development in the Canal Street area, the festival will be forced to move from the area. Pride 2019 is about to look VERY different to what we’re use to.

Manchester council has approved property developments on several of the sites used to celebrate Pride, with the Portland Street area no longer being able to accommodate the main stage. The main stage this year is playing host to the biggest acts on the British pop scene.

The council has insisted that it fully supports the annual Pride weekend and will work to find an alternative space to host the event. Organisers have told PinkNews that the event “will never look the same again”, though they “can’t wait to share big news in the Autum”.

The move will surely be detrimental to the area’s business who benefit greatly from the influx of revenue which Pride generates. Opposition leader John Leech has already called them out on reneging on promises previously made to safeguard Canal Street’s iconic LGBT+ culture.