QX Preview: Fitladz

The cheeky chappy trakkie night is back in town!

It’s the number one scally and sportswear party in the UK and it’s turning the ripe old age of TWELVE years old this month.

There’s something about a guy in grey joggers and a gold chain that just gets you going. The hot summer had scally lads out in full force, with a football shirt over one shoulder, trackies pulling down their white boxers, oozing machismo with a fag in one hand and a tinny in the other. They look dangerous but oh so hot. But go up to a guy like that and asking for his number anywhere else and you’re sure to find yourself with a broken jaw. These aren’t the guys you’d find in a generic gay club, they know what they want and know where they can get it.

Fitladz has been the go to place to go and flirt with those chavy looking guys you’re way too scared to approach during the day. They’re super friendly in there, unless you’re into being treated nastily… We know what you’re into. The crowd’s always a mixed bag of hotties that share a love for getting your kit on to have someone else rip it off you. They’re all into the look too, it’s like that David Beckham poster you had on your wall when you were younger came to life and offered to buy you a drink.

It’s always a hot party down in Bloc South, the Mecca for naughty nights in London. Under those arches in Vauxhall is a super kitted out fetish club that has everything your dirty mind could desire. They’ve also have an insane sound system that is perfect for getting you in the mood. In charge of getting the beats flowing is XXX producer and DJ Zack Hadley, as well as Fitladz favourites Jason Prince and Juliano Juliano. They know exactly what to play to get your blood racing for a romp in one of the venue’s very dark corners.


So slide into your gym socks, shove on those trainers and come on down to Fitladz. You’re sure to nab yourself a sexy scally chav who knows exactly what you’re into, and would love to give it to you.

Fitladz is on Saturday 20th September down at Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP.  10pm – 5am. It’s £5 before 11pm, £10 after. Members go FREE.