Twinks4Trump founder dropped as White House correspondent

Lucian Wintrich, a founder of the Twinks4Trump group, as been dropped as a press correspondent in the White House after links to white nationalists came to light.

Wintrich landed himself a position with an official White House press pass on behalf of alt-right and pro-Trump blog Gateway Pundit. He rose to notoriety after a photo shoot featuring young gay men in ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, posing naked in support of the republican party. A few were posted to his instagram, see below:

According to Right Wing Watch he was dropped by Gateway Pundit earlier this month after appearing on a podcast hosted by self-identified white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes. The pair discussed genetic differences between races, and claimed that the US was being sent the “shittiest immigrants in the entire world”.

Speaking previously about his Twinks4Trump project, he said that:

“Twinks4Trump combines stereotypes about young gay men and these deep stereotypes about young conservatives. And it kind of tosses them up a little bit. It’s satire. “

“To be gay and then conservative…you have to fight harder and research more and then read more than anybody else because you’re going to be continuously challenged.”