A love letter to would-be Governor of New York Cynthia Nixon

WE SHOULD ALL BE MIRANDAS, or we all should’ve at least voted for her. It was heartbreaking to hear that Cynthia Nixon’s bid to become Governor of the state of New York (the first queer woman in history to do so), was unsuccessful. 

We fell in love with Nixon as the sardonic Miranda Hobbs on Sex and the City, and she set a clear example for us young to middle-aged single things that you don’t need to be all smiles and giggling at his every anecdote to nab yourself a man. Sarcasm is just a go to for all of us, and Miranda made it sexy.

Much like Reagan before her, she stepped out from behind the camera and up to the podium of public office. She ran on the platform of being a voice to queer people, being happily married with children to Christine Marinoni. She was also outspoken on drug and prison reform, speaking out on how the war on drugs disproportionately effected people of colour in New York state and across the US. Andrew Cuomo won with 65% of the vote, Nixon was not far behind with 35%.

Nixon tweeted out following the result:


In celebration of the glorious energy and light that is Cynthia Nixon, here are some of our fave Miranda moments which inspire us to keep up the fight:

When she flirted with a sandwich for an entire episode

When she was ALL of us after finding out he hates Cher

When she was all of us when the Grindr hook-up goes silent after you send a face-pic:


We love you Cynthia, keep fighting the good fight!