The man using Grindr to lure men to a ‘house of horrors’

Yes, yet another cautionary Grindr tale. Who knew strangers could be so dangerous? Well, YOUR MOTHER DID. Some unfortunate Oklahoma horny homosexuals found out the hard way that the hot guy on the other side of that orange profile isn’t always who he says he is…

The city police down in Oklahoma City have released body-camera footage of a so-called Grindr “House of horrors” where at least five men contacted police after going over to the house after chatting to someone on the app, only to be robbed and held hostage at gunpoint. YIKES! 

So the story goes that each of these men were chatting to this guy on Grindr before heading over to his place. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then when they arrived at his place, it was a tiny house with a bed shoved into one corner and clothes strewn across the floor.

Then the assailant would hold the victims at gunpoint, robbing them of everything they’d brought with them, from cash to cards to cars. They were then forced to lay on the dirty floor whilst their terroriser messaged yet another man to come over, and within 15 minutes there arrived another unsuspecting victim. When one victim decided to make a break for it, he was chased by the robber which gave the others an opportunity to escape. 

Oklahoma City police have arrested and charged 31-year-old Deaunte McPherson with the robbery and kidnapping. There is an ongoing search for another two men and a woman who were involved in the robberies. 

This only goes to show that you should LISTEN to your mother, or at least meet your hook up in a public place….