Guys reveal the weirdest thing they’ve done with a hookup

queer bar in East London.

Us homosexuals have a strange habit of meeting up with absolute strangers, and get very well acquainted very quickly. One minute you’re in bed, the next you’re balls-deep in an accountant. But, more often than not something gets in the way between you, him and his bed. This week men took to to Reddit to share the weirdest things they’ve got up to with a hookup.

In a discussion titled ‘What’s the weirdest thing that you ended up doing with a hookup?’, users took their time to share the strangest thing they’ve done with a stranger they wanted to get BUSY with.

‘He lived with his grandmother and he introduced me to her before going up to his room. She thought I was just a friend, though.’ – babydriver2001

‘Meeting the couples kids the next morning while being hungover and being invited to breakfast.’ – TitanJackal

‘I hooked up with a guy in the afternoon and it lasted a lil longer than he expected and he had to get his son from school and needed someone to watch his kid so he could go to work, I volunteered’ – dricks103

‘I was going to say proofread and corrected his writing assignments since English wasn’t his primary language, but this first guy I did this for it went much farther. We became best friends and I was the best man at his wedding (to a woman). So now, I would say the weirdest thing I’ve done is help him out in everything he does, from moving to home repairs, because he considers me family.’ – omnichronos

‘I got a minor abscess on my big toe the day before we met up, when I got there he lanced, drained, and wrapped it for me. He was a paramedic, he enjoyed it.’ – Whitershadeofforever


‘I lived in Paris, France in college. Anyway, my apartment wasn’t too far from the Eiffel tower and a guy on grindr said he wants to hook up but loved risky semi-public play and to meet him on the champ-de-mars (park in front of the tower) . Anyway he was hot so I was like, ya dude sure. I meet him in the park and he was a paramedic assigned to the tower for the day because they were hosting some event where people were zip lining from the tower.(Not everyone just certain people) So, I see him and he throws on a spare paramedic jacket and tells me he wants us to have sex on the tower in a bathroom. He sneaks me through the employee entrance posing as a paramedic intern which I didn’t know existed. We took the elevator half way up and walked the rest of the way but on the way a 16 year old girl has a panic attack and faints. Well, I had to pretend to take her vitals (she was from the US so didn’t speak french and I do obviously ) while he was telling me to play along while he was making sure in general she was okay. This took like 40 mins btw and I was like what the actual fuck am I doing. Anyway, we eventual get to the top but they wanted him to watch a couple people zip line down so I had to go through another security line.(As a fake paramedic intern) So while people aren’t looking he is constantly grabbing my dick (my crotch area) and whispering how he can’t wait for me to fuck him and I’m just trying to figure a way to go home. Another 30 mins passes and we manage to sneak off to some restrooms but it was too packed and as we are giving up he gets a call about a heart attack at the base of the tower so he’s like, “Yea I’ll just go to your place when my shift is over ” (since I lived close.) Anyway he showed up at my place like four hours later and we fucked like rabbits(Found out he was married to a woman after) but the whole situation felt hella illegal and odd.’ – Compisbro